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A 3D animated music video created as a part of our
pre-graduation project, inspired from the jump done by Felix Baumgartner.

During the jump he loses control and goes into a spin, we took this part and time expanded it to show what he might have experienced while he was spinning out of control.

This whole project was done in a span of 4 weeks 

The music production was done in FL studio
for a time period of two weeks.

The animation was done in Blender
for another two weeks.

Music Production


We started the process of music production by taking inspiration and selecting a particular genre that would compliment the visuals we had in mind.

Hip Hop / Rap is the genre we inclined towards. Mainly getting inspired from the works of Suicide Boys. 

*the picture above is their album cover art*

We made a lot of trial tracks to learn and explore the software. Here are just a few of them that sparked some interest.

After lots of changes and iterations we made this soundtrack called 'Liftoff' incorporating whatever we learned from the previous tracks and creating something that would work with the kind of animation and visual treatment that we were looking for.

Final Soundtrack

00:00 / 01:07

3D Animation 

For the visuals we wanted it to be a little mix of live action and animated shots.

To match the animation in such a way, we decided to make something close to photorealism as possible while also keeping it surreal at times.

This helped in seamless transitions between the live action shots to the animated shots.

The earth was created by using multiple high quality texture maps on a sphere to make it photorealistic as possible.


The outer glow and reflections on the water surface was done during compositing

earth look 2.png

Here are a couple more renders from the scenes I had animated

blender ss.png
big hand0122.png
big hand part 10067.png
earth sunset 4k0149.png


Akash S

Mob: +91 9947 387 697

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