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Just Another  Day in Space

This is a story about Greg a regular office worker in outer space. Greg has the worst luck in the world or
I would say the Universe and every day of his life is another day of bad luck waiting to happen.

This was a classroom group project done in 4 days as a part of our blender course.

We gave a trailer like treatment to show part of a day in Greg's life.


Modelling and Environment Creation

The environment and everything our hero would interact with was created.


The environment here was made using simple geometry, basic textures, adding atmosphere and using particle system for the rock debris.

The pump was also made using basic modelling and materials.

The sky itself was given a noise texture to imitate that of stars.


The Spaceship


The basic shape of the spaceship was modelled and mirrored.

and for finer details greebles were added in a few places.


The flames were created with a particle emitter, some glow and camera motion blur.

*hover over to see clip*


These are some of the shots that were animated by me.

*hover over to see clips*


Akash S

Mob: +91 9947 387 697

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