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Dental Lounge—rebranding


A client work to rebrand a dental clinic taking forward exisiting logo and applying key brand words like caring, safe, resposible and family like.

Dental Lounge-6.png

The Logo

Dental Lounge-3.png

The brand identity was taken forward and the logo was created on what morals the brand represents.

It shows the relation between the doctor and patient with the help of the two human like figures holding hand.

In such a manner it also shows the care that is given by the brand to their patients.

The logo as a whole is in the shape of a tooth showing what their brand is.

Dental Lounge-4.png

The Typeface and Color

The color scheme and typeface compliments the logos in terms of form and feelings invoked.

Dental Lounge-5.png
sticker TOP-1.png


Akash S

Mob: +91 9947 387 697

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